About Us

On the way we set out with the slogan "There is Fun in This Village", we brought our first branch together with entertainment lovers in 2021 in an open area of 15,000 m2 in Ümraniye Millet Bahçesi, Istanbul.

With the most up-to-date and safe adventure tracks in the world, we provide an adrenaline-filled entertainment experience to all our guests over 3 years old. All of our parks are certified in accordance with EN 15567 standards and have a safe parking certificate, allowing families to have fun in a safe way. All of our staff are specially trained and serve for you to have a safe and enjoyable time. In our park, which has an open-air concept, you will have the opportunity to do education and sports activities on our tracks where you both have fun and participate physically.

We have reserved an area of 3.000 m2 for special camping activities so that all members of the family can camp together and learn the rules of life in nature. We will continue to meet with you entertainment lovers in our new locations very soon.